Family conflict is normal and predictable and can be resolved if addressed appropriately. Family conflict resolution does not mean that differences disappear and that the family becomes a harmonious unit. What it means is that individual differences are acknowledged and respected and that the family makes decisions for the future based on those differences.

Family conflict can take many forms, from marital to family businesses. In every case, the earlier the conflict is addressed, the easier it is to resolve. Unresolved conflict grows and becomes more complicated with secondary conflicts stemming from the underlying conflict and often masking the root of the conflict. The ideal way to resolve conflict is to address it continuously and organically as it arises. The key is respectful, open communication. Listen actively to the other person, do not assume, ask for clarification as needed, and try to view the situation from the perspective of the other person. You may not agree with the other person, but if you are able to view the situation from the perspective of the other, you have a better chance of resolving it.

Conflict at times becomes too complicated and emotionally charged for even knowledgeable, highly emotionally intelligent people to resolve if it involves them personally. Whatever the reason, when family conflict becomes unhealthy and unmanageable, it is better to hire a professional third party.


We offer mediation and consultation for:

Marital conflict

Conflict related to family businesses

Conflict related to power of attorney

Conflict related to inheritances

Estranged family members of any age and family reconciliation

Parent child conflict

Conflict related to the children’s education and/or religion

Parenting plans





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Workplace conflict

Conflicts in the workplace albeit between partners, between managers, between employees, between a manager and an employee, or other combinations are normal, predictable, and can be resolved if addressed rather than ignored. 

Effective conflict management requires training, and experience, both of which make conflict resolution more manageable and productive. 

We provide training and mediation services to effectively manage and resolve workplace conflicts.


B2B Mediation: External Conflicts

Conflict between businesses is normal, predictable, and usually arises from misunderstandings and miscommunication. There are a host of other reasons for well-intended businesses to have conflict with other well intended businesses. 

We offer mediation services giving parties more control over the process and the outcome, and most importantly, potentially preserving your business relationships.