Conflict between businesses is normal, predictable, and can be resolved if addressed rather than ignored. Conflict can arise from misunderstandings and miscommunication. Sometimes, poorly written contracts, can leave each party with clear and opposing understandings of their rights and obligations under such contracts, and in conflict amongst the parties. Good business relations based on well-articulated contracts can also sour when employees of two companies are not well informed, or do not understand each company’s responsibility to the other company.

There are a host of other reasons for well-intended businesses to have conflict with other well intended businesses. Litigation is a conflict resolution method, but that method tends to be expensive, takes control of the situation away from the companies in conflict and puts it in the hands of lawyers and the courts, has “winners” and “losers”, and it makes doing future business between the two companies difficult. Lastly, the court orders are public record, removing all possibility of confidentiality.

In contrast to litigation, mediation is cheaper, more efficient, more expedient, gives parties more control over the process and the outcome, the outcome is confidential, and it has the potential of preserving your business relationships. Quite often business relations strengthen after successfully resolving conflict fairly and ethically.

We can conduct mediation in one of the businesses, in a neutral location, or in any combination of those.





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Family Mediation

Family conflict can arise from differences in personality, opinion, or vision, and can affect relations between individual members or the entire family. Sometimes an experienced, neutral mediator can help you work out a solution effectively.

We offer mediation and consultation services ranging from martial conflict to family conflict.


Workplace conflict

Conflicts in the workplace albeit between partners, between managers, between employees, between a manager and an employee, or other combinations are normal, predictable, and can be resolved if addressed rather than ignored. 

Effective conflict management requires training, and experience, both of which make conflict resolution more manageable and productive. 

We provide training and mediation services to effectively manage and resolve workplace conflicts.